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Our team combines the human element of digital design with the software engineering skills required to produce robust, high-performance, effective applications for every business.

Whether you're a growing startup or an enterprise with complex needs, we can build the digital products that will drive your success today and for many years to come. 

Years of working with different clients from varying industries have taught us how to build scalable and modern digital products that won't break your bank.

Our Services

We're proud to be able to make the best apps for businesses that need to be on the radar of the world's most successful businesses. We'll show you how to use the skills required by our team to create the best and most successful apps for your business.

Product Development


Delivering custom IT business solutions through the widely-extensive JavaScript ecosystem

IT Consulting

Technical DIRECTION as a service

We offer invaluable guidance on how to build scalable and maintainable applications based on our wealth of experience

Deployment Automation

Devops as a service

Let your engineers focus on building the application while we automate your CI/CD pipelines. We do great with traditional VM deployments as well as managing modern Kubernetes clusters

Tech Team Staff Augmentation

A complete tech team at your disposal

We are a strike team ready to take on any technical needs your business may have.


Fast Product Delivery

Best version of your product in the shortest amount of time.


Client-driven Development

Open communication between your business and Thinking Pandas at all stages of development.


Hassle-Free Coordination

A dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way.

Our Products


Your Google Sheets Powered Online Store

The simplest way to launch and run your own online store. Create and manage your online store business using Google Spreadsheets.


Seamless Image & PDF Compression within Google Drive 

Optimize images and PDF files in bulk up to 70% without noticeably quality loss. Supports PNG, GIF, TIFF image files and PDF files.

Our Clients

Accelerate every stage of the project cycle

Initial Discussion

We help you prepare your roadmap: Understanding the goals, deadline, and risk of the project. Initial discussion will be done via phone call or email.

Gathering of Requirements

We work with you to review your requirements and to select the best software technology for your current and future business demands. 


We present to you a proposal with the best solution for a reasonable price with an outline of the tasks and timeline required to execute on the project.

Project Commencement

Once we have a defined requirements and with approval of the proposal, the work begins. The product may undergo various rounds of revisions, so this first iteration might only include the bare minimum functionality. The team can and will have additional sprints to expand upon the overall product.

Agile Development and Deployment

We will build the product with you.  We will break down requirements into weekly sprints and deliverables will be reported at the end of every sprint. Our QA team will also make sure your product is bug-free and production-ready.

After Sales Support & Maintenance

We not only execute projects but we also offer support and maintenance for projects implemented by Thinking Pandas. The production phase ends when support has ended or when the release is planned for retirement.

Our Tech Stack

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